Blue Engineering is a resident of HightechXL-Plaza. If you’re a high-tech start-up accelerating your hardware business too, you should consider joining us.

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Blue Engineering

Blue Engineering is a young, experienced team of engineers who, together with clients, work on innovations and design them in a sustainable way. Young in spirit and ambition, but very experienced in technical projects. Our engineers are knowledgeable about mechanics, mechatronics and electrical engineering. We work from the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and the Blue Innovation Center in Venlo, where manufacturing companies can share their knowledge mainly in the fields of robotics, vision, 3D printing and thin-layer technology and where new start-ups come into existence. Our projects are both internal and external at the clients’ companies. We are Blue, who are you?



Blue Engineering B.V.
Noorderpoort 45
5916 PJ Venlo
Tel. 077-3333690