Smart Robotics is a resident of HightechXL-Plaza. If you’re a high-tech start-up accelerating your hardware business too, you should consider joining us.

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Smart Robotics

Smart Robotics, the employment agency for robots, develops and places modular robots that can be configured for specific tasks. This concept is Smart Robotics’ response to the need for flexible robotics within industry. The smart robots allow a short payback time and are evenly matched with outsourcing to low-cost countries. Our robot configurations are flexibly deployable, straightforward to (re)configure, affordable and safe to operate.

Smart Robotics was founded and is lead by Mark Menting en Heico Sandee. Both have over 10 years of experience in creating new teams and technology in the Eindhoven area. Their experience in robotics consultancy at Alten Mechatronics resulted in clear market insight. Together they have a strong national and international network in manufacturing automation and robotics. On 1 May 2015, after working together for three years at Alten Mechatronics, Mark and Heico launched Smart Robotics, the employment agency for robots.



Smart Robotics
High Tech Campus 12
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

+31 (0)40 744 04 48