The Unique Hub for High-tech Start-ups

Global Ambitions before 2020

The HighTechXL Plaza, situated at the smartest square kilometre in the world, The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, is an incubator hub for high potential hightech start-ups in their early and late growth stage working towards scaling up their business. Furthermore it offers services for start-ups in their ideation and concept phase.

We’re doing everything to:

  • Validate and build on 100 leading edge ideas
  • Scaleup 20 high tech start-ups
  • Launch 250+ high-tech careers

Meet our residents

If you’re a high-tech start-up accelerating your hardware business, you should consider joining HighTechXL Plaza. We all know that finding product-market fit as well as the financial runway needed for prototyping is never easy. But our community of leading entrepreneurs, mentors and researchers may well have the answers. Feel free to contact us for more information. You’re under no obligation!


Powerful Partnerships

HighTechXL Plaza forms part of a fast growing ecosystem with global ambitions. We’re also proud of our heritage across the Brainport region. The secret of our success is built on the extensive international and national networks of our partners. We’re also closely linked to the activities of the Blue Innovation Center in Venlo and beyond. Together we lead in generating surprising new initiatives, turning ideas into real businesses. Check out the agenda for a wide range of activities for start-ups, scale-ups, mentors, intrapreneurs and investors.


Drink, Pitches & Demos

We encourage start-ups, scale-ups, mentors, investors and partners to join us and contribute. Expect an informal gathering with drinks and demo’s for start-ups, innovators and inspired professionals. Do you have a really cool idea or dilemma you want to share? Perhaps you’re looking for a solution to a challenging technology problem? Now is your chance.

Check our events