The smartest square kilometre in the world

The HighTechXL Plaza, situated at the smartest square kilometre in the world, The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, is an incubator hub for high potential hightech start-ups in their early and late growth stage working towards scaling up their business. Furthermore it offers services for start-ups in their ideation and concept phase.

An energizing incubator

We foresee a world with an exponential need for hardware solutions that create a sustainable world for nine billion people. That is why we have created a business incubator: we want to stimulate and guide hightech start-ups to scale-ups.

As a business incubator, where approximately 20 start-ups can run their office, we offer a very low rent per square meter. However, for us it is far more important we offer more than just some shared services and facilities. A very important service within our business incubator is that we create a network of residential start-ups, mentors and relevant partners and suppliers. By organizing weekly activities, surprising meet-ups and by generating rumour around the brand we stimulate that the participants within the network start helping each other through the start-up phase towards their scale-up phase.

Strong partners

A very big advantage is the fact that our incubator is situated at the High Tech Campus. Not only this is a highclass environment, which helps you boost your brand image, it also gives you access to a lot of relevant partners, suppliers and potential customers on walking distance. And last but not least the initiators, High Tech Campus, Holland Innovative, EYnovation, StartupBootcamp HighTechXL and Blue Innovation gathered strong supportive partners such as BOM, Rabobank Venlo e.o., FME and many more that can boost your business even faster.

Application Process

You do not get your residency for free. We value only the best hightech start-ups in our business incubator. That is why we have several selection criteria, such as: high-tech orientation, life-changing orientation, growth assessment, added value for the network as a whole, fit to our core values and more. The three initiating parties are making all decisions. And after every contract period, we re- evaluate on all criteria. The growth you have generated through your contract period counts as an important criteria.