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Expat Spouses Initiative

Across the globe, international careers that span several countries are becoming more commonplace. More and more employees are being recruited from outside the country, and they often bring their partners with them. This accelerated mobility of highly-skilled international professionals should generate a response, and be supported by the local “host” environment.

Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI) is one such creative outside-of-the-box response that supports international professionals locally. ESI is a bottom-up, community-driven movement that connects the highly-skilled partners of international employees with local opportunities.

  • We engage the power of our network to connect internationals with job opportunities.
  • We create and organize platforms where locals and internationals can meaningfully connect.
  • We help internationals take the next steps towards achieving their career goals, through one of our several community activities like Dutch classes, conversation groups, professional coaching, short-term assignments with partner companies, or Professional Empowerment Program (PEP) teams – a community-driven approach that connects people with similar career goals, enabling them to achieve their goals together.

We focus on both ends of issue. Our not-for-profit foundation invests in building a strong community and supports international professionals to thrive in the local host environment. ESI, Social enterprise builds a strong ecosystem with companies and organization in the region, connecting opportunities with professionals in the talent pool and helping large companies with integrating their international employees locally. Both the entities work closely with each other with an ambition to empower international professional spouses and partners and addressing the dual career gap in global mobility.


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