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Flora Fluids leaves the plant intact and makes people healthy

Like the company name suggests, the fluids of the plant which contain these compounds are subject of interest for Flora Fluids.

Conventional methods of extraction of these compounds are expensive, inefficient, produce a lot or waste and will (partly) destroy the plant. (Re)growing new plants is a time consuming and expensive process. It is like building a factory, let it run for a week, then destroy it and start building a new factory. Flora Fluids is developing a method to deal with these disadvantages. At this moment Flora Fluids is capable to extract these natural ingredients out of plants without causing any damage to the plan. This means the plant can be used several times to extract natural ingredients in contrast to the conventional methods.

By using Electro Hydro dynamic Atomization (EHDA) or electro spraying, the natural ingredients are directly “milked” from plants. The plant remains alive and can be harvested again after recovery. This  electro spraying principle is based on a natural phenomenon, thunderstorms. During a thunderstorm the earth’s electrical field becomes very strong. Trees suffer from this electrical field  and spray their liquids into the atmosphere. Flora Fluids uses this process and develops a harvesting machine for extracting natural ingredients based on the electro spraying principle. Although the milking can be quite stressful for the plant, it is also a stimulation and could even make the plant stronger by producing extra defensive ingredients. With the technique of Flora Fluids, it will be cheaper, more sustainable and faster to produce natural ingredients for a whole range of products.


Flora Fluids

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