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LifeSense Group | Wearables for health applications

LifeSense Group is a consumer health company founded in 2015. The company started as a spin-off of an independent R&D center Holst Center/imec in the Netherlands. LifeSense Group has already expanded internationally to two locations. Our international team is based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Tokyo (Japan).

LifeSense Group is specialized in wearable healthcare applications. We believe that byoffering the tools to understand and improve one’s condition, we bring back sense of life.

About Carin

Carin is our first product and is a tool-kit for women who want to improve their pelvic floor health. Carin is a unique combination of wearable healthcare technology and smart fabrics and consists of three elements:

  • Carin Measure: The wearable sensor is worn on the body within a secret pocket in the special protective underwear and tracks progress.
  • Carin Exercise: is a pelvic floor training app that guides you with exercises, keeps you motivated and gives feedback on your progress.
  • Carin Protect: is a beautiful protective underwear that keeps you dry. No more pads!



LifeSense Group
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