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Our expertise

Biomedical engineering
Industrial Design
Medical device regulatory
Graphic design
International team (Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Syria)

Revolutionize the ultrasound market

We are a medtech start-up that radically changes ultrasound usage by improving and innovating the way ultrasound examinations are performed. We focus on creating new and innovative solutions for the ultrasound market by making ultrasound easier and more accessible for operators. We enhance current procedures and develop new ultrasound applications by using state of the art technology. This includes wearable & hands-free ultrasound solutions. The frst product the ProbeFix is a smart solution to fxate ultrasound transducers to the body to enable hands-free and continuous imaging of the heart.

We are currently working with ultrasound manufactures like Philips and selling via Mermaid Medical in The Netherlands, UK and Scandinavia as well as in Australia via Anaeron. Looking for more distributors, especially in Germany, France, Italy amongst other large European markets..


Usono B.V.
High Tech Campus 12,
5656 AE Eindhoven (NL)

Victor Donker / COO